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Two of our partners, Montclair Elementary School and Oakcrest Elementary School in the Escambia County School District in Pensacola, Florida achieved great success in the 2010-11 academic year. They moved from low performing schools as graded by the state of Florida to schools that achieved an “A” school grade. The leaders and teachers at both schools spent a week with their respective colleagues and our leaders, Janet and Robin, in summer 2011 to prepare for the 2011-12 academic year. In particular, the teachers engaged in dialogue to plan across grade levels during the new school year.

Check out the kids and learning environment at Montclair Elementary at http://mes-ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/. It’s a school “where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work.” We are proud of the work these teachers do every day in their classrooms.

“Every Student… Every Day… Whatever It Takes!” at Oakcrest Elementary School (http://oes-ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/). The Oakcrest Newspaper Club asked their principal if he thought they would remain an A school. He replied, “Yes, because we still have hard-working students, parents and teachers.” We could not agree more.