Studer Education works with educational leaders and educators to create great places to work by achieving goals that lead to excellence. One goal for leaders and teachers is improved student learning. To achieve improved student learning it is important to enlist the parents of our students as partners in the teaching and learning process. One of our partners, Milton High School in Santa Rosa County, Florida, is a great example of doing just that. Milton High School develops relationships with their students and with their parents, and the interaction with both begins on a positive note.

Some high schools may be reluctant to consider positive phone calls to parents, but Milton High School, Santa Rosa County, Florida, uses positive phone calls to improve the connection with their parents, that is, the connection between school and home. Each week all teachers at the school send the name of a stand out student to the school administrator assigned to that teacher for evaluation purposes. On the Stand Out Student form the teacher explains why the student was chosen. “Stand out” students may receive recognition for their manners, positive attitude, or learning improvement.

The administrator calls the stand out student to the office and recognizes and compliments the student. After the student realizes that he/she is not in trouble, the student enjoys the moment of recognition. The administrator also calls the parent of the stand out student. Though some parents immediately think there is a problem, which again requires an explanation, the administrator goes on to explain the purpose of the call to the parent and recognizes and compliments the parent’s child during the phone call. The administrator also recognizes the teacher who recommended the child as a stand out student. All four administrators at Milton High School value the good will that has come from recognizing and rewarding stand out students to their parents through a weekly phone call.

Identifying stand out students creates 4 winners at Milton High School: the student, the parent, the teacher, and the administrator.  Each is recognized by the other 3 individuals as special people who care about others. Important to our goal of developing relationships with our students and parents, the parent is pleased with the administrator, the teacher and most of all his/her child. Studer Education recommends that teachers and school leaders make at least 3 to 5 positive phone calls home per week. This method of recognizing and rewarding student success creates positive relationships among our parents, educators, and educational leaders.


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