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At Hunt Elementary School, Principal Raczkowski-Shannon led us on a tour of the school. During our tour it was evident to us that Principal Raczkowski-Shannon is engaged with the students, faculty, and staff at Hunt Elementary. We saw her interact with every single student that we passed or came into contact with, and engage with every class during our tour.












We know from research there are five critical elements employees look for from their managers (Studer, 2008); when we translate these to school leaders one of them is “school leaders must care about and value their teachers.” During our tour we saw Principal Raczkowski-Shannon embody this action/element of caring about and valuing teachers, as well as caring about and valuing staff and students.


Hunt Elementary School is home to the Junior Vikings! Its mission is to teach all students basic grade level skills and promote social, emotional, physical and academic growth. Check out “Hunt Happenings” and their March 2012 Newsletter. Enjoy a virtual tour of Hunt Elementary here.

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