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Connecting with Parents. Great things are happening at Montclair Elementary every day and the connections being made with parents goes beyond what all expected. There have been two FCAT Parent Nights—third and fourth grade—organized by teachers. Each night had good participation that brought parents and grandparents to the school to work with their children in learning.

That’s not all! The teachers also hosted “Muffins & Math” and “Bagels & Books” Days! Math Coaches Ms. Prout and Ms. Tindell recognized their colleagues’ contributions to Muffins and Math Day, thanked them for participating, and offered them the following feedback:

147 children represented by parent/adult family member

Many teachers had over 50% parent participation: Duren, Cleveland, Martin (our winner), Robinson, Goble, Ferguson, Franklin. Even one parent is awesome! 

A sample of parent comments:

“I can’t believe they need to know that in 3rd grade!”

“My kids made all of us come, me, grandma and grandpa”

“I am so amazed at how much my child can do!”

Ms. Prout and Ms. Tindell also “managed up” their colleagues:

Thanks for the team effort! It really paid off! Thanks too to Ms. Collins and Ms. Lovely (additional coaches at Montclair) for their support! We are looking forward to Books and Bagels after the break!

Studer Education forwarded the coaches’ note to one of the school district administrators we work with and below is a portion of her reply:

We will never tire of stories such as this!  Thank you to the entire Montclair Team!  You have worked so very hard to get to this point.  It is exciting to hear that parents are responding so well to opportunities to learn with their children.

The teachers and leaders at Montclair know that they must have a welcoming and genuine interaction with the parents of their students. When they do so, they are helping to make their classroom a performance-driven learning environment. In performance-driven classrooms, parents feel that the teacher cares to know them, understands their needs regarding their child, and believes they and their child are important. Of course, this kind of parent-teacher relationship does not automatically occur; it takes actions similar to that displayed by Montclair Elementary teachers and leaders and recognition by school district leaders.


Check out the kids and learning environment at Montclair Elementary at http://mes-ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/. It’s a school “where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work.” We are proud of the work these teachers do every day in their classrooms.

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