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An external survey is one opportunity for leaders to provide feedback prior to conducting leadership development.

These leadership roles (or something similar) are surveyed:

Board Member
Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent
Assistant Principal

Survey items may include:

Identify the top 3 things your district does well and should continue to do.

Identify the top 3 barriers/challenges you face that keep you from achieving your results in your area of responsibility.

List the top three opportunities for improvement in your district.

Over the past 5 years, the external environment in your school district has been… [Likert Scale]

Over the next 5 years, the external environment in your school district will be… [Likert Scale]

If the district continues to perform exactly as it does today, your results over the next 5 years will be… [Likert Scale]

How well does your current leader evaluation system hold people accountable? [Likert Scale]

How well does your current leadership training prepare you for your leadership role? [Likert Scale]

Additional questions may include asking the leaders to rate the school district from the perspectives of teachers/staff and parents/families; on the consistency in leadership behavior/practice across the district; and in implementing and standardizing best practices throughout the organization.




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