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We know what engaged and effective teaching looks like. It does not cost a lot of money, does not come with fancy programs, or silver bullet solutions. Best practice research tells us:

The teacher is the most important factor that affects student achievement.

When teachers create and consistently apply classroom rules and procedures our students will be ready to learn.

Teachers who provide continuous, specific feedback to students have the biggest effect on learning.

Here’s the twist:

Most of us know what to do. Even so, we fail to ALWAYS do what we know. “Usually” and “Sometimes” are not good enough, and “never” must never occur.

The Five ALWAYS Teaching Actions™ describe what it takes for students to achieve student learning results.

Teachers that effectively use the Five Always Teaching Actions™ help students become more engaged and confident learners, which leads to higher student learning results. Consequently, teachers that have applied these actions have achieved great success improving student engagement and consequently student learning (see Who’s Engaged). Let’s face it; effective teaching does not cost a lot of money and the return on investment for the money spent is invaluable to students.




Pilcher, Janet K. (2010). Who’s Engaged?Climb the Learning Ladder to See. In this text Dr. Pilcher shares what it takes for students to achieve learning results and how teachers create learning targets aligned with learning tasks and formative and summative assessment measures. The text is used in the TeacherReady online alternative teacher certification program; TeacherReady is a state approved professional program accredited by NCATE.

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