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Meet TeacherReady teacher Ms. Sara Rabb at Oakcrest Elementary School in the Escambia County School District (FL). Ms. Rabb earned professional teaching certification through TeacherReady, the educator preparation institute for the University of West Florida. On her classroom web page Ms. Rabb writes:

This is my fourth year teaching at Oakcrest. I teach fourth-grade writing and science, plus a little pre-FCAT geometry. My students know that I have very high expectations. Watching them succeed gives me great joy.

Check out Ms. Rabb’s students on her web page; a few pictures from the web page are below:

Prior to teaching, Sara was an environmental editor/reporter at the Pensacola News Journal. Sara now shares her talent and experience with fourth-graders at Oakcrest Elementary and the students are the winners!

The percentage of students meeting the FCAT writing standard at Oakcrest increased by 21% points her first year (67% to 88%) and last year 86% of the students met the writing standard. Of course, it’s a team effort at Oakcrest Elementary evidenced by similar increases in the percentage of students meeting requirements in reading, math, and science over the last three years, as well as the school grade moving from F (2005-06), D (2006-09), C (2009-10), to A (2010-11).

Studer Education is proud of its partnership with Oakcrest Elementary leadership and teachers, in addition to the success of TeacherReady teacher Ms. Sara Rabb. We celebrate the contributions of Ms. Rabb and her colleagues! Thank you for your commitment to kids.



Ms. Sara Rabb teaches fourth-grade writing and science at Oakcrest Elementary School in Escambia County, Florida. Check out the great things happening at Oakcrest on their website.

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