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Ms. Christy Crawford has been teaching Special Education for 24 years and currently serves as a special education instructor at Belle Hall Elementary School, Charleston, South Carolina. The Superintendent of the Charleston County School District recently described her as an “inspiring teacher… who [like] many educators across the county [is] transforming students’ lives and making a positive difference.”

In April, 2012, Ms. Crawford received the district’s “Behind the Scenes” award for leading efforts to support one of her students and the student’s family remain living together. How? Ms. Crawford builds relationship with each of her students and their parents. Because she builds these relationships she was able to find community partners to help a medically fragile student and the student’s devoted family find a suitable home to live in with all of the supportive equipment needed to provide the student with the best support for recovery.

The “Behind the Scenes” award presented to Ms. Crawford by the Charleston County School District is one example of rewarding and recognizing a high achieving teacher who is an “owner” of the teaching profession; that is, Ms. Crawford knows what she does affects her students, her school and the district, and so she does whatever she can to keep improving her school. This means her commitment to students does not stop at the end of the school day nor is her vision contained within the walls of her classroom.

Ms. Crawford is a great teacher. Great teachers are the ones who work tirelessly to help students learn, grow, and achieve, the ones who make sure parents are satisfied with their children’s learning experience, the ones who walk into their classrooms every day deeply caring that all students experience success. Great teachers are the ones who never give up. Quite simply, Ms. Crawford is a great teacher. We celebrate her continued commitment to her students and the teaching profession.



Ms. Christy Crawford is in her 24th year as a Special Education teacher. She currently teaches at Belle Hall Elementary School, Charleston County School District, South Carolina. She earned a B.S. in Education from The College of Charleston and an M.Ed. from The Citadel. Christy serves on the Leadership Team and the CORE Team as part of her professional activities in the school district.

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