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We received the following email this week from one of our partner principals, Christopher Renouf at Toledo Blade Elementary (FL):

…I wanted to take just a minute to share a copy of an article that was written highlighting the performance of the students at Toledo Blade. In summary, it recognizes the fact that in just six years, this Title 1 Elementary School that had been designated as a “School In Need of Improvement (SINI), had undergone a transformation to being nominated as a Title 1 Distinguished School (1 of nearly 2000 in the State of Florida) this past year!

In addition to this, student test scores were just released as well, and sure enough, Toledo Blade students ranked near or at the TOP in many categories among schools in Sarasota County!!!! I am a FIRM BELIEVER that a focus on the following “Essential Pieces” can be directly attributed to the results achieved:

  • Clear & High Expectations
  • Focus on Building Relationships
  • Alignment & Monitoring
  • Continuous Learning
  • Celebration

Although we haven’t connected recently, I just felt compelled to let you know that the Studer Principles of

Organizational Excellence ARE Alive & Well and Producing RESULTS in Education!

We celebrate the work of the principal, teachers, staff, and students at Toledo Blade Elementary school! They have consistently and effectively implemented and applied strategies and behaviors to reach excellence.



Toledo Blade Elementary School is part of the Sarasota County School District, Florida. Check them out here.

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