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It is a Must Have for school districts and institutions of higher education (IHE) to develop accountable and aligned leader evaluations to drive performance. This allows alignment of Evidence-Based Leadership (EBL) essentials to the district or institution’s strategic plan to determine core metrics and tools used for evaluating leader performance (to drive accountability).

In our work with partners, Evidence-Based Leadership focuses on accountability, alignment, and action across four areas:

– Student Engagement and Achievement
– Service
– People
– Finance/Quality Indicators

These areas (or pillars) are aligned to either internal or external services provided by an organization and measures align to creating service excellence. For example, consider the following summary and measure alignment for the Service Pillar:

Internal Service: The Support Card provides a measure of satisfaction with organizational departments as determined by internal users.

External Service: For school districts, the Studer Education Parent Satisfaction Survey is a measure of the satisfaction of schools by parents. For institutions of higher education, the Studer Education Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey is a measure of educational service/outcome satisfaction by stakeholders.

External Service: The Studer Education Customer Service Surveys are assessments given to community members to provide evaluation of services provided at a department or school when a service is received.

A focus on “Internal Service” using the Support Card allows employees within a school district or IHE to evaluate departments within their organization across five measures:






Once districts and IHEs establish the measures, leaders are trained on tactics to improve employee performance and maximize human capital. Three times a year employees evaluate leaders using the Support Card. This allows for measurement of leader growth/engagement in service excellence across time once the initial baseline measure is completed.



Our mission at Studer Education is to provide students with a great place to learn, teachers with a great place to teach, and parents with confidence that their children are getting a great education. To do this we work with school boards, leaders, and teachers to apply Evidence-Based continuous improvement processes and the principles from How to Lead Teachers to Become Great in their districts to get the best student learning results and create results-oriented school cultures. Visit us online at http://studereducation.com. Studer Education is a division of Studer Group, a recipient of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.