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As the DOD Worldwide Education Symposium 2012 draws near this serves as a perfect time to reconnect our readers with the University of West Florida’s Educator Preparation Institute, TeacherReady. Great teachers make great schools. To date, TeacherReady’s affiliation with Service men and women, their our families, and the education programs and centers of the military has been rewarding; over 200 active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel are currently enrolled in TeacherReady or have earned their professional teaching certificate through TeacherReady. One reason for this success has been partnership with Joe Morgan, Regional Director, Mountain Pacific Troops to Teachers; his comments:

In my work with Troops to Teachers students, I make contact with many different recruiters of programs across the nation. TeacherReady® provides the greatest value for our students and offers a flexible structure so that most any soldier can complete the program while serving our country.

Studer Education celebrates these troops who once again chose a career that will make a difference. We think Service Members who want to teach can be great teachers and educational leaders, and we hope that by sharing some of our TeacherReady Service Member experiences teaching becomes an “option” for other Service Members who may have never considered teaching:

TeacherReady folks know service. Nothing fazes them: not last minute applications; not unexpected military mobilizations that impact student’s program completion schedule; and not transfers thousands of miles away. TeacherReady stays student-focused and flexible, all while it solidly prepares students to teach and to pass the certification exams… I left the program with professional certification and the informed confidence needed to begin teaching.

I was deployed nearly 5 months of my 9 month enrollment, and during that time-frame the professors bent over backward to ensure I received timely feedback and adequate instruction. There was never a time when my professors turned down a request for extension or re-arrangement of lesson material in order to accommodate my deployed schedule.

I’m an active duty Soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. I started the TeacherReady program in July. I complete all my coursework online, and I conduct my student teaching at a school in my area.

These are a few of the experiences TeacherReady shares on its website http://www.teacherready.org. In addition, there are specific pages on the website focused on military assistance and the application process for military.

Like military personnel and their families, teachers are a public service to our nation. The teaching profession benefits from Service Members choosing teaching as a second career and, more importantly, students benefit. We celebrate our military personnel and all others who choose to make a difference with students by choosing to teach. It takes the best in each of us to bring out the best in all of us.




TeacherReady is an online alternative certification program targeted to individuals interested in a career transition to the teaching profession. TeacherReady is state approved and NCATE accredited and upon completion of TeacherReady earn a professional teaching certificate from the State of Florida. alternative certification program that is affiliated with the University of West Florida. Visit our website or connect with us on Facebook for more information.

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