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The MyGrade GPA Exercise encourages classroom teachers to take a moment to reflect on their classroom practices by reviewing a statement and then using an A to F grade to rate their performance. Similar to Week 9’s Exercise, this week’s MyGrade GPA Exercise focuses on providing opportunities for students to practice skills and provide informal feedback to assess students’ progress. As teachers we want to create practice opportunities to collect and analyze information to share with students, so that students receive descriptive feedback about their performance.

When we receive feedback about our performance from others, it is both an educational and emotional experience. To reap the highest educational benefits, our emotions need to be addressed and understood. Likewise, when students receive information from a teacher about their performance, their self-worth is enhanced or challenged.

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Students emotionally experience assessments. Teachers are responsible for knowing where, when, and how these emotions occur during the instructional process. A teacher’s ability and willingness to coach students and associate student success with how well students learn rather than what they teach becomes extremely critical to move students from consciously unskilled to consciously skilled. At this critical learning point, students depend on teachers helping, not hurting them.

Students become consciously skilled when they see clearly defined learning targets, when learning tasks are connected with those targets, and when they receive specific feedback as they practice moving from target to target. As students gain confidence by successfully climbing up the steps of the learning ladder they begin owning their learning. They shift from being teacher dependent to self-directed learners.

Participate with us in the MyGrade GPA Exercise through each Monday through the remainder of July. At the end of the summer, you can calculate your overall GPA; we will do the same using all anonymous poll responses.


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