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The Pensacola Blue Wahoos are the Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. On Tuesday of this week their mascot, Kazoo, and two Wahoos Street Team members visited the summer program of Montclair Elementary School, one of our partner schools.

The Wahoos representatives had their picture taken with students, parents, and teachers; read two stories to the students and the students read stories to them; and they also participated in field activities! They shared the following message:

Be Part of a Team. Margaret-Anne, Annemarie, and Kazoo shared with the students how their success with the Wahoos comes from being part of a team. Before each game one of the co-owners of the Wahoos shares a similar message with fans in attendance: Let’s work together to make this an enjoyable fan experience. The Blue Wahoos have celebrated more than 20 sellout crowds and more than 200,000 fans. “With the (MiLB Southern) league’s smallest stadium, Pensacola (leads total attendance and also) leads in per-game average attendance and greatest percentage of seats used” (Vilona at Pensacola News Journal, 06.16.2012).

Care for Others (Reward and Recognize). The Pensacola Blue Wahoos invest in Pensacola and communities throughout Northwest Florida by supporting, rewarding, and recognizing many local organizations and non-profits and individuals. Some of the organizations include: The Eagle Fund of the Andrews Institute Foundation; Manna Food Pantries; Autism Pensacola; Marine Aviation Memorial; Family First Network; and Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. During home games one of the team’s co-owners and the team’s president recognize and reward Wahoos employees engaged in service excellence. Professional athletes from the local area (Josh Sitton, Bubba Watson, Lawrence Tynes, Addison Russell, Zach Price, and Trent Richardson) have been recognized for their achievements.

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos organization cares about fan experience and service excellence; it recognizes excellence among employees and among community individuals, and serves/supports organizations. One example of this is the visit that Kazoo and the Wahoos Street Team made with the students at the summer program at Montclair Elementary School. Like the example set by the Blue Wahoos organization, teachers and leaders must walk into schools every day deeply caring that all students experience success. We must create relationships with every single one of our students as we guide them to success.



The Pensacola Blue Wahoos are the Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. Learn more about the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and the Wahoos Whereabouts. Visit them on Facebook.

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