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One goal for teachers to improve student learning. To achieve improved student learning it is important to enlist the parents of our students as partners in the teaching and learning process. Unfortunately, teacher-parent communication is usually infrequent and usually occurs when the teacher is having difficulty with a student. However, we Believe in Teachers! We know that many teachers create a welcoming and genuine interaction with the parents of their students. When teachers do this, parents feel that these teachers:

Care to know them and their child;

Understand their needs regarding their child; and

Believe the parent and the child are important.

In this week’s Panther Pride News newsletter from Montclair Elementary School, third grade teacher Mr. Duren was highlighted for being recognized by a parent for connecting with that parent’s child. This was the newsletter “Shout-Out”:

Mr. Duren received a very heartfelt letter from one of his parents regarding the care and attention he gave to her son. It was nice to hear a parent bragging on one of our teachers. Great job Mr. Duren.  

Of course, this kind of parent-teacher relationship does not automatically occur. Like Mr. Duren, all teachers need to do particular things beginning at the start of the year to build a genuine relationship with parents. As with students, parents come from diverse backgrounds and are not always easy to connect with. No matter the situation, each parent or caregiver is important and deserves an opportunity to be part of his/her child’s classroom. Thank you, Mr. Duren, for being an example of a teacher to believe in by connecting with parents.



Check out the great things happening this year at Montclair Elementary School in Pensacola, Florida, at http://mes-ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com.

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