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Students and teachers at Montclair Elementary School hosted a Speak Up about Bullying school-wide event earlier this week. Many parents and grandparents attended. District administrator Ken Myers and Sgt. Corey Cephas from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office were among the presenters. The focus was to make sure that school is a safe place for all kids.

Principal Jennifer Sewell reminded students to “Treat people the way we wanted to be treated. No Bullies at our school. No Meanies.” Sgt. Cephas asked, “Who can be a victim of bullying?” “Anyone!” yelled the students.

Messages from the adult presenters included:

It does not matter whether one is a boy or a girl; young or old; what color one is or how smart one is; anyone can be a victim of bullying.

Bullying is when we repeatedly say something that is hurtful and/or makes someone cry.

Types of bullying include Social Bullying, Physical Bullying, Cyber Bullying

Walk away! Stand up but do not fight, tell an adult.

Some of the student responses/messages are below:

“Sometimes when you tell someone they are ugly they hurt so bad that they hurt themselves.”

“Sometimes when you get bullied you want to be a bully.”

B-U-L-L-Y-I-N-G song and dance presentation by 2nd Grade Students (video below).


Students took a pledge against bullying, “We are kids against bullying! We are going to tell the teacher so no one gets hurt…” and ended the event with a rallying cry of “Bullies are a Pain in the Brain!”



Check out some of the great things happening this year at Montclair Elementary School in Pensacola, Florida, at http://mes-ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com.

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