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This is the 8th year for Moultrie Middle School’s Annual Art Sale and Auction. Art Teacher Clair Teuber captioned the following picture from last year’s sale and auction on her 365project site as having a “lovely event tonight for [her] art students, their families and [the] community.”

An article from the 2nd annual event notes that attendees “will have an opportunity to see the achievements of Moultrie students, and even buy a piece of art from up-and-coming artists.” The article includes discussion about The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts which is a “five-week summer residential program for artistically talented high school juniors and seniors from across” the state (see article here). It noted that one of the Governor’s School participants was a student in the Charleston County School District at Wando High School which is the high school attended by many of the Moultrie Middle School students.

The school creates a calendar from student art work. Check out some of the students’ creations below:



































Celebrating the talents of students is what we do as educators. It is what the Moultrie Middle School Art Sale and Auction is all about. More simply, celebrating students is what we do as teachers and leaders. This message is echoed by Moultrie’s Principal, Anna Dassing, in her November Principal’s Message when she thanks parents and students for “making Moultrie such a great place to grow and learn”:

  • The laughter of students at recess
  • The smell of cookies baking in the cafeteria
  • The squeals of delight from science classes using microscopes
  • The smiles of teachers greeting students every morning
  • The gentle chiming of the class change bells
  • The funny questions from students
  • The warm hugs and smiles from our most exceptional children
  • The ah-ha moments when math finally clicks during 7th period for 8th  graders
  • The slamming of lockers
  • The trust our parents have in educating their students

Great teachers and leaders make great schools. They are the ones who work tirelessly to help students learn, grow, and achieve; the ones who show that they care about students as individuals and allow relationships to develop; the ones who celebrate student talents.



Moultrie Middle School is a neighborhood school located in the Charleston County School District in South Carolina. It serves over 900 students in grades 6-8 living its mission to create a safe and respectful community of responsible learners. It is one of the highest performing middle schools in South Carolina. Check out what’s happening at Moultrie Middle School and read the Principal’s Message of Thanks celebrating the holiday week.

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