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A headline from the November 20, 2012 ASCD Worldwide Edition SmartBrief was “What England can learn from Brazil about Education,” in reaction to proposed curriculum changes that focus “less on art, design, music, drama and dance…” It was not so much the content of the report that grabbed me, but the headline’s phrase “what [one] can learn from…” In celebration of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, this is my WOW!!Mania for the month – highlighting a student, a teacher/leader, and a school:

A Student. This month I was WOWED by a sixth grader’s video-art creation using a school-issued iPad.


A Teacher/Leader. This month I was WOWED by a principal’s delivery of hope, purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference.


A School. This month I was WOWED by one school’s public display of reward and recognition – “Look Whooo’s Engaged” at the school – students, parents, classes, and teachers.

Consider Institutionalizing WOW!!Mania. Give a completed WOW Card to three teachers identifying very specifically something they did well. Give them three WOW Cards to complete about their students. Ask them to complete the three WOW Cards on students in their classrooms and present cards to the students. Then ask them to ask the students to give a completed WOW Card to one of their peers. This is called WOWMANIA!! (How to Lead Teachers to Become Great, pp. 113 – 118). Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded when they do something good. And when our actions are rewarded, we repeat them.



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