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The message in Monday’s What’s Right in Education blog was that individuals and companies want to bring value to those they engage with. Liz Jazwiec is a clinician, author, and speaker in healthcare who builds a case for the powerful benefits of a positive workplace in her book Eat That Cookie: Make Workplace Positivity Pay off…For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations. Her book website shares that the book’s message is “down-to-earth tactics leaders can use right now to infuse positivity into their culture.”

Dan Evans is the Superintendent of Jackson Public Schools in Jackson, Michigan. He and his wife, Cherie, have 3 children and eight grandchildren. Each year Cherie bakes cookies to share with every single Jackson Public School employee. The District employees approximately 850 individuals – 450 teachers and 400 support staff – to serve its students. That’s a lot of cookies!

In the Support Services Survey district principals and assistant principals rate the support characteristics of departments within their school district. One of the support characteristics evaluated by department is attitude, that is, “Was it a nice experience? Did you receive a service with a smile?” The other four characteristics include timeliness, accessibility, accuracy, and operations. The results for latest administration of the Support Card Survey for Jackson Public Schools include:

The means for 4 out of 5 support characteristics are equal to or higher than the overall mean for each characteristic.

The overall mean for attitude is 4.15 and is the highest of all support characteristics. The attitude characteristic mean increased by 5% over the course of three administrations in 2012.

Is it all about cookies? No. It’s about creating results-oriented cultures, it’s about evidence-based practices, and it’s about accountability. Connect with colleagues to create educational environments where students want to learn and are inspired to achieve, where great teachers want to teach and leaders want to serve, and where parents trust to send their children for an excellent education. Create a culture of ownership – where all employees engage and build a sense of ownership – and bring value to those they engage with.




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