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Carnival and Mardi Gras is absolutely a fun time in Pensacola and across the Gulf Coast. Consider a few recent headlines from The Pensacola News Journal‘s Mardi Gras section: “Mardi Gras galore this weekend: If the whole town’s rockin'” and “Mardi Gras event fills downtown Pensacola with color” and “Ready, set, roll,” and “Twelfth Night gets good times rolling for Pensacola Mardi Gras” (online here). It’s also a time for rewarding students, engaging the community and engaging in community initiatives, and engaging students in lessons enhanced with the flavor of all things Mardi Gras.

Rewarding Students. Students in the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program at Montclair Elementary School in Pensacola, Florida, enjoyed a Mardi Gras Parade as a reward yesterday. Tony Giberson of the The Pensacola News Journal covered the event and shared the following photos in an online gallery here:

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Mardi Gras in the Community. It is also a time for Krewes to challenge one another to serve their community. Julio Diaz, president of the Krewe du Go dared, “If you’re in a krewe, here’s my challenge to you… to see who can donate the most food to Manna Food Pantries via the Krewe du Go’s Mardi Gras Food Drive (PNJ, 01.24.2012). Sue Martin started the Krewe of Les Petits Enfants “about 17 years ago with a vision to create an event that would raise money to help sick and injured children at [Sacred Heart Hospital]” (Lagarde, 01.19.2013). The krewe’s Mall Ball has raised almost 3 million dollars to date (Lagarde).

Lesson Plans. In my second year teaching high school mathematics in West Memphis, Arkansas, I traveled the 400 miles to New Orleans to enjoy a weekend of Mardi Gras festivities with a colleague and friends. My colleague taught history and we team taught our classes the following Tuesday building lesson plans from our experiences over the weekend. That was almost 20 years ago; now are there opportunities to build Mardi Gras into lessons when we must focus on The Common Core? Absolutely! Check out these free sites and see what might work for you and related standards:









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