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Join us in celebrating Ms. Ann Thompson’s honor of being named Santa Rosa County (FL) Teacher of the Year on Friday. Her surprise announcement was in the Pensacola News Journal (online here) – the pictures and video, Ms. Thompson’s and colleagues’ quotes, and reporter Kourkounis capture the message… If you can, teach!

Teaching was not Thompson’s first career. She spent 25 years as a medical technologist in Pensacola and taught Sunday school on the side. She decided to get a teaching certificate from the University of West Florida and has been teaching for seven years now. “There was something I was supposed to be doing, and this was it” [Thompson] said.

“This is the biggest honor I can imagine as a teacher” (Thompson).

“Her strength is being able to instill confidence in kids who weren’t ever confident before,” Principal David Crissey said. “She honestly cares about the kids.”

… Randy Sansom, [chair of the Santa Rosa Education Foundation] said he was struck by Thompson’s decision to shift from a career in the medical field to teaching. He said she brings a unique perspective to the profession. “You can see the passion and caring she has for her students… She’s a master teacher.”

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Photos by Tony Giberson at The Pensacola News Journal (online here).





Consider becoming a second career teacher! Bring your experience and passion to the classroom as a teacher-leader as Ms. Thompson did to engage students, develop their sense of purpose for learning, and provide them an excellent education.




Kourkounis, Erin. (02.01.2013). Santa Rosa Teacher of the Year: Ann Thompson. Seven-year veteran will represent the county in state contest. Available online at The Pensacola News Journal here.

Ms. Ann Thompson earned her professional teaching certification from the University of West Florida’s alternative certification partnership with Santa Rosa County School District. TeacherReady® is an online alternative professional teacher certification program targeted to recent college graduates or individuals making a career transition to the teaching profession. TeacherReady is state approved and is the Educator Preparation Institute of the NCATE accredited Professional Education Unit at the University of West Florida. Find out more about TeacherReady on the web at http://TeacherReady.org and visit Facebook to connect with current and former TeacherReady teachers.

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