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Michael Thorpe is Principal at Milton High School in Santa Rosa County, Florida. In this blog he shares how the AudioMemos app helps him communicate care to his teachers and staff:

In an effort to communicate my true feelings beyond words in an email, I stumbled upon a great iPad App called AudioMemos.  I use this to send audio messages to my teachers and staff.  When I observe something I like or when I want one of my faculty members to feel my passion, I like to use AudioMemos.  It’s quick and easy to record a 1 minute thought or compliment and send it on its way. 

 Listen to Principal Thorpe’s message to one teacher.

 My teachers sometimes play them for students and always like receiving them and it has allowed me to take a “another email from administration” and make it something special. Besides being a morale builder I think it makes me more productive because what I used to spend 5 minutes typing I now spend 90 seconds saying. I also have it on my phone and use it as my personal to do list tool. 

Teachers want to work in a place they enjoy and where they can prosper and learn. They want to work in a place that lends them every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their students. In order for a school to meet each of these needs, its leaders must be attentive and must care about the issues teachers are facing in the classroom. Principal Thorpe’s use of Audio Memos presents one method for establishing genuine relationships with teachers and staff.




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Michael Thorpe has been the principal at Milton High School since 2007. The school has a student body of over 1,900 students in grades 9 through 12. Check out the great things happening at MHS on their website at https://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/mhs/default.htm. Milton High School is located within the Santa Rosa County School District, Florida.

AudioMemos. Principal Thorpe uses the free version, but there is a Pro version for $9.99. Both are available in the App Store here.

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