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Teachers and leaders in Oklahoma City Public Schools (http://www.okcps.org/) care about changing the culture in their district. Between January and October 2012, the District’s Support Services Survey results show increased 7.8% in the overall mean and 9.2% in the “attitude” construct (4.02 out of 5.00). In addition, last week over 5,000 staff, teachers, and leaders of the district gathered for a day to focus on purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference, and removing negativity from the workplace. The day included a showcase of students in the district’s arts programs – their contributions flawless!

WSS (OKC)Celebrate Students! The day began with the District’s Classical Guitar group of 50 high school students performing for the audience. The district has 3 Classical Guitar programs – Classen School of Advanced Studies, Capitol Hill HS, and U S Grant High School.

Other student performances included traditional Hispanic dancers in costume performing to classical Spanish music, drama students performing a scene from West Side Story, and the Brothers of Stomp from Star Spencer High School. Meet the Brothers of Stomp here.

A video from the Foundation for OKCPS highlighted that each student of OKCPS is the “community’s child” and the community must take responsibility for creating opportunities for education for all students.

Celebrate Supporting Our Students! The Oklahoma City Advertising City Club honored the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools with three awards during its annual ADDY competition to reward creative excellence in advertising. The Foundation won a gold ADDY in the public service video campaign category and a bronze ADDY in the public service video category for its ‘Rise Up’ (OKCPS Foundation Website) Read More here…

Raczkowski-Shannon (OKC)OKC - Liz







Remove Negativity from the Workplace! Hunt Elementary School (Jackson, MI) Principal Raczkowski-Shannon shared her experience implementing evidence-based leadership (EBL) practices in her school delivering a message of “what you permit, you promote.”

Principal Denny Wilson of Oakcrest Elementary School (Pensacola, FL) shared a message which echoed that of the Foundation video, that is, of recognizing purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference by having the right people in the right places. Speaker and author Liz Jacwiec challenged OKCPS employees to remove negativity from the workplace to move their organization to excellence. Remember that ultimately our goal as educators is to create a great place to work as this creates excellence in outcomes for students, colleagues, and our communities.




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