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Last night I had the opportunity to talk with parent and school leaders at a local private school about our Parent Satisfaction Survey. How exciting it was for me to meet with a group of folks who want to help parents become part of the education team at a school. It was a reminder, too, that the administration of the parent survey is grounded in the missions of schools in that it serves to generate information that will help schools, teachers and administrators integrate a quality education into the development of each student.

We work with school district and school leaders who have a true commitment to excellence and want their districts and schools to serve as models for becoming some of the best school districts in the world. The cornerstone of this process is leaders and employees executing measureable and aligned evaluation systems focused on:

Students improving their achievement levels;

Employees believing their leaders provide a good work environment;

Employees providing service excellence, and

Parents feeling satisfied with their child’s education.

In December, the Charleston County School District (SC) completed an administration of the Employee Engagement Survey, a 14-item questionnaire with a Likert response scale and three open-ended questions. One open-ended question asks, “Is there anyone in the school district that you would like to recognize for good work?” School leaders created a graphic using Wordle to recognize these colleagues:

Wordle (Charleston EE2)

In a school setting, high performers share the school values, know how to problem solve, and serve as good mentors and role models for others. Conversations with high performers represent one of the core elements for providing a support-focused environment where these teachers and staff can continuously learn, apply, and achieve. Do your part in thanking a high performer for his/her work, outline why he/she is important to the school, and ask what kind of support she/he needs.




Special thanks to Erica Roberts, Performance Management Officer, in the Charleston County School District for sharing the District’s Employee Engagement Wordle.

Our mission at Studer Education is to provide students with a great place to learn, teachers with a great place to teach, and parents with confidence that their children are getting a great education. To do this we teach teachers and leaders how to get the best student learning results and create results-oriented school cultures. Visit us online at http://studereducation.com to learn more about Studer Education’s parent satisfaction, employee engagement, and service excellence surveys. Studer Education is a division of Studer Group, a recipient of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.