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In his conversations with thousands of teachers every year Dr. Harry Wong says he “reinforce[s] that it is what the teacher knows and can do that is the most important factor in student achievement.” Ronald Gallimore, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UCLA shares “Teaching is the final common pathway of efforts to improve student achievement.” The Effective Teacher GPA Exercise offers an opportunity to reflect on common teaching practices that help teachers become great.

Specifically, the Exercise encourages teachers to reflect on their classroom practices by reviewing a statement about a teaching practice and then using an A to F grade to rate their performance. Part 3 reminds us that teachers who commit to applying the actions from the Exercise in their classrooms regain their passion for teaching and move toward excellence.

Participate in this week’s Exercise:

Great teachers make great schools. They are the ones who work tirelessly to help students learn, grow, and achieve, the ones who make sure parents are satisfied with their children’s learning experience, the ones who never give up. Participate with other teachers and at the end of the Exercise you can calculate your overall GPA and see how you compare with the overall GPA for all teachers who participated.




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