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Teacher actions in the classroom lead students to mastery of concepts and learning targets. Today’s Exercise reminds us that as teachers we need to shift focus (or stay focused) on what students learn rather than on how well we cover content. To keep this focus we must work to create daily procedures that reinforce students taking ownership of their learning. What does this mean at the school-level?

  • Teachers shift their approach from dictating learning to empowering students to own their learning.
  • Teachers become “owners” rather than “renters” of their professional work.
  • From the beginning of the year the principal leads teachers to engage with each other, solve their own problems, and help each other become better teachers.

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As teachers we need to create learning environments that promote student ownership of their learning. In a renter-oriented classroom, teachers focus on what they are teaching and expect students to comply with their directives. Conversely, teachers leading classrooms that reinforce student ownership focus on what students learn each day rather than on what teachers teach. What does this mean at the classroom-level?

  • Teachers clearly communicate targets to students.
  • Teachers provide students opportunities to practice without being punished.
  • Teachers provide specific feedback to students to help them improve as they get closer and closer to hitting the learning targets.

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