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Writing clear learning targets that scaffold instruction and consistently communicating targets each day are the focus of today’s Effective Teacher GPA Exercise. The outcome when we do these two things is higher student achievement.

What does this mean at the school-level? Leaders encourage and provide opportunities for:

  • Teachers to create and communicate a well-written learning target that scaffolds complex learning objectives, and aligns with a common core standard, learning tasks, and assessments.
  • Teachers to create measures that are meaningful to them and that guide student learning.
  • Teachers to create performance-based classrooms; that is, leaders help teachers apply this concept in the classroom by encouraging them to consistently reinforce positive steps in student learning rather than punishing students for mistakes made during learning.

Participate in today’s Exercise:


If there are no measurements aligned to a learning target, then teachers fail to know if students hit their learning target. Measures define performance benchmarks of achievement. The learning target is much more meaningful when a measure is aligned to it. Learning targets guide the type of instruction needed to hit a learning target and the measure determines how well the student is doing. What does this mean at the classroom-level?

  • Teachers must practice how to clearly express learning targets and measures, communicate to students what it means for them to achieve at the highest measure, and instruct, demonstrate, and help students practice hitting the learning targets at the stated measurable level.
  • Learning targets must include measurable capability actions students are expected to perform.
  • Teachers can use measurements to hold students accountable; these measures also let students know how close they are to hitting their learning targets. The better a teacher aligns the measure to a desired target the faster students achieve results.


Participate with us in the Effective Teacher GPA Exercise for the next two weeks (M, T, R blog posts). At the conclusion you can calculate your overall GPA; we will do the same using all anonymous poll responses.





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