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On Saturday we hosted an aspiring leaders seminar; these are teachers and non-principal K12 administrators who have met entry requirements to be in the “principals pool.” We meet with select aspiring leaders four times per year between October and March, and the meetings primarily focus on two areas: (a) communicating with stakeholders both internal and external to the school; and (b) using data to inform and drive decisions. Saturday’s session focused on (using data) selecting new hires or as Jim Collins describes for great companies, “getting the right people on the bus.”

Selecting the right teachers is one of the most important decisions school leaders make. Not only will these teachers contribute to the overall culture of the school, but they will make or break how well the school’s students will learn. Listen to Collins on the following audio clip (5:22) to hear him discuss Five Key Things to Consider When Looking for the Right People:

Collins Audio Clip

1) Shares Core Values of Organization

2) No Need to Manage

3) Has the Potential to be the Best in Field / Position

4) Knows Difference between a Job and Responsibility

5) If another Hiring Decision and Knowing What You Know, would You Hire Again?

Research tells us that the most influential variable in student learning is the teacher. Thus, to improve student learning, school leaders need to “get the right people on the bus” and then do whatever they can to keep them in their classrooms.




Collins, James. Good to Great. Read related article here. Check out the book on Amazon here.

Collins, James. The Five Key Things to Consider When Looking for the Right People audio clip available here.

Aspiring Leaders Seminar by Drs. Janet Pilcher and Robin Largue. For more information about opportunities for leader and teacher professional development grounded in Evidence-Based LeadershipSM please contact us at Questions@iTeacherSuite.com.

Pilcher, Janet, and Largue, Robin. (2012). How to Lead Teachers to Become Great. Download the book’s Introduction, Chapter 1, and Learning Guide from the “leader learning resources” area here.

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