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eSchool News has shared “top apps” for education with their readers over the last 3 years. In this week’s iTeacherSuite Teacher Tips posts we highlight some of the apps from their lists for 2011 (Monday post), 2012 (Tuesday post) and 2013 (today’s post). Each app includes links to the respective eSchool News post page and the iTunes link (and Android link for 2013 list when applicable).

WRiE selected from the eSchool News lists apps related to K-12 content that both students and teachers may find useful. Again, in addition to the reference link to the eSchool post readers will also find a link to each app description in the iTunes and/or Windows stores. Check out the apps and let us know what works for your classroom and your students or additional apps you would include in the “top 10.”

2013: New: 10 of the best Apple and Android apps for education in 2013 (eSchool Staff, 4.26.2013)

HMH FUSE Algebra 1 (Free) iTunes link    Android Availability

POETRY from the Poetry Foundation (Free) iTunes link   Android

See. Touch. Learn. (Free) iTunes link

SlateMath for Kids (Free) iTunes link

Wonders of the Universe ($5.99) iTunes link

We hope these selected apps from eSchool News’s 2013 list (and 2011, 2012 lists from earlier this week) are resources that will help you and your students engage better with content. Check them out and share your thoughts with other WRiE readers.





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