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This is the time of year we spend at academic awards banquets and graduations, our friends and family members celebrating our educational achievements. However, family and friends are not the only ones celebrating – check out the faces of teachers, principals, professors, and academic administrators – they, too, celebrate their students’ academic achievements and often participate in commencement ceremonies as more than a symbol of their love of learning.

A few former colleagues were “tagged” in photos or “checked in” at their respective student awards banquets and student graduation parties on Facebook over the last two weeks. It was a reminder to me how I often had the pleasure of celebrating a student’s accomplishments and academic achievements with him/her and his/her family. An honor, no doubt, when knowing that a parent has offered me his/her best and then “let go” for me and other educators to engage the child in academic learning.

Below is a video from elementary school principal, Chris Renouf, who is a second career educator. In the clip he shares that his move to education after a career in the corporate world was “a calling.”


As your students move into “new beginnings” this spring remember to thank the educators and educational leaders for their commitment to teaching and learning. These are the individuals who can and do make a difference, everyday, in the lives of our kids.





Chris Renouf is the former Principal at Toledo Blades Elementary School in Florida. This video clip is from Renouf’s presentation at Studer Education’s What’s Right in Education conference 2012. For more information about the 2013 conference October 21-22 visit here.

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