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In a leadership post last month I challenged leaders to make a full-time commitment to those we serve, incorporating an article from Forbes as well as an audio clip where Collins highlights the traits of Level 5 Leaders. Great teachers need great leaders. Student learning is all about these teachers and leaders providing a great service to students and their parents. In the video clip below Dr. Janet Pilcher tells leaders, “Our job as leaders is to serve others.”


Pilcher and Largue outline evidence-based tactics that help leaders and teachers achieve improved student learning. The majority of the tactics begin with “Help Teachers…” or “Coach and Support Teachers…” How do you do as a leader whose job is to serve others?

Great teachers are the result of the great teachers who teach in them. A school leader’s priority must be to recruit, retain, coach, and support great teachers. When leaders do this, that is, when leaders serve through actions that engage, help, coach and support their teachers, then teachers have the opportunity to vastly improve, enjoy renewed purpose, feel more worthwhile, and realize the difference they make in the lives of every student they teach and every parent they contact.




The video clip of Dr. Janet Pilcher is from Studer Education’s What’s Right in Education conference 2012. For more information about the 2013 conference October 21-22 visit here.

Pilcher, Janet, and Largue, Robin. 2010. How To Lead Teachers To Become Great. Available online here.

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