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More than 8,500 middle school and high school students participated in one school district’s administration of a student satisfaction survey this spring. Responses from this survey complement the district’s results from 3 other surveys (employee engagement, support services, and parent satisfaction), as well as student achievement data to help the district focus on continuous improvement of the processes and procedures that provide the best learning environment in its schools.

The two highest ranked items by students (scale 1 to 5):

My learning is important at my school. (4.40)

I have opportunities to be successful at my school. (4.20)

The two lowest ranked items by students:

I am recognized for good work and behavior at my school. (3.64)

I regularly receive feedback from school staff about my academic progress. (3.49)

As teachers, if we are serious about all student learning, we must gain the best skills needed to improve the way we spend our time. At the end of the day every teacher should answer this question positively: “Have all my students learned?”

The work we do with teachers in schools and the findings of important studies show that students learn when teachers use strategies that engage students. Consider the two lowest ranked items – these two items parallel items in the Effective Teacher GPA self-reflection for teachers, specifically (see Pilcher, 2012):

I create opportunities where my students receive continuous and specific feedback that helps them improve.

I consistently recognize my students’ strengths.

How do you do on these items? Remember, the individual teacher is the most important factor in student learning. Highly effective teaching gives students a great opportunity to be engaged and gives schools a greater opportunity to record higher student achievement



Are you a teacher? Complete the Effective Teacher GPA self-reflection online at http://WhosEngaged.com/EffectiveTeacherGPA.

Pilcher, Janet K. 2012. Who’s Engaged? Climb the Learning Ladder to See. For more information visit the book’s website here.

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