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Digital Promise is about spurring innovation in education says founding director Adam Frankel in a recent TEDTalk, and though a skeptic of technology he says, “technology can make a major difference.”

In the video Frankel reminds viewers that the “potential is actually not about the technology.” Instead, he says:

it’s about the learning environment that the technology enables;

it’s about being able to empower teachers, parents, students with real-time data, with real-time access to information… to help intervene before it’s too late for kids;

it has a way of transforming these classrooms so that [teachers] can personalize learning in a way that has never been possible before;

Frankel then asks viewers about how to scale this model of personalized learning and discusses three challenges – education technology research, the education technology market, and teacher professional development – to its expansion.

I encourage you to check out Frankel’s TEDTalk and reflect on what you are doing in your classroom to accelerate student learning and engagement; are you using current technologies to do this and if so, how? As you reflect remember that it’s not about the technology or other tools used – it’s about their ability to empower teachers, to engage students and parents, and to create learning opportunities that would not exist without it.





Frankel, Adam. (May 16, 2013). Accelerating Innovation in Education. TED Talk available online here. Read more about Digital Promise on its website at http://www.digitalpromise.org.

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