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A few quotes from the news media recognizing the heroic efforts of teachers in Oklahoma:

“… teachers whose training and quick thinking helped save countless lives” (Roberts, ABC News)

“… have those children there and to be in my care and to try and do what was best for them” (Sherry Biddle, First Grade Teacher: Video)

“… [I] was just trying to calm the children down, but yet more of the same. Just like sherry said, getting them covered up, you know, we practice tornado drills and things like this and I had to tell them, this is not a drill, and we need to be safe and just laying my body on top of as many kids as I could to help out” (Cindy Lowe, First Grade Teacher: Video)

“… teachers used their bodies to shield students from airborne debris” (The Washington Post).

“What a gift those teachers are” (Stephanopoulos, ABC News)

As we remember the lives saved including the lives saved by heroic teachers and educational leaders, we send our deepest sympathies to families with loved ones lost and whose lives are forever affected.




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