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Videos? TeachingChannel.org currently has 697 videos. Subjects? English Language Arts, Math, Science, and History/Social Sciences. Grades? K through 12. Topics? Everything from planning, class culture, to common core and celebrating teachers. Check out the full list of topics here. Cost? Free.

How to Use this Free Resource

1. Complete free registration and provide your email, grade level, and subject area in your profile. Why? The TeachingChannel sends updates about new videos that match your profile.

2. Browse videos using grade level, subject, and/or topic filters. Rate videos you watch with a “like” (or not) or use the number of “likes” from other users to decide whether to watch. The site also offers a great feature to allow users to take “time stamped” notes during the video.


While browsing see video length and the option for saving to your personal lesson planner within the site. The lesson planner feature allows you to schedule the video (by month), set a reminder, and write notes related to the video – per below:

TeachingChannel 2

3. Connect with teachers, ask questions, and share ideas in the site’s Q&A. Topics in today’s Q&A screenshot from the TeachingChannel.org site are:

TeachingChannel 3

So, check out this great (free) resource for leaders and teachers. My colleague, a retired High School Principal and District Administrator, watched “Your Shining Moment” and noted,

This is a great example of students being an owner of their own learning. Here’s this teacher who allows students to reflect and determine what they have done well that day, an opportunity to recognize what they have accomplished. Also, when a student has struggled with something and finally gets it, this gives the student a chance to report “I got it!” and recognize that accomplishment. Thus, a great example of student ownership via self-assessment (formative assessment) for improvement.

Share your feedback with TeachingChannel.org (use the feedback button on their page) or send them an email at help@teachingchannel.org.





From the Teaching Channel website at http://www.TeachingChannel.org, “Teaching Channel is a video showcase — on the Internet and TV — of innovative and effective teaching practices in America’s schools. We are a non-profit organization.”

All Teaching Channel pictures were screen captured / clipped from http://www.TeachingChannel.org website.

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