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If you’re not on Twitter, then maybe this blog will help you decide to try it – if only to follow educators that are sources of good information – although realize that once you get in there you may find that Twitter is also an easy and quick way to follow hot topics in your field.

Why Use Twitter? I asked our newest Studer Education colleague, Melissa Matarazzo, a doctoral candidate in the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Urban Superintendents Program and a former principal and district administrator, why she uses Twitter. This is her response:

Twitter is an up-to-the-minute source for general news, but professionally, it also provides me with connections to practicing teachers, principals, and district leaders. Their advice, questions, reading recommendations, and general observations can be easily shared with others. I view Twitter as my means for connecting with others in service to enhance my own learning. 

Getting Started. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when engaging in the various social media platforms. Below is a partial list of Twitter users that Melissa follows as “sources of good info for teachers” – try these to get you started:


My experience is that following these few suggested by Melissa aligns me to other users/content that I find helpful. Twitter also suggests folks based on my previous actions, for example, who I follow.

Want More? Twitter also allows users to search topics using a #hashtag. Interested in finding teacher info? Search #teacher. Want more specific information about teaching such as professional development? Search #profdev. Want others in education to be part of a discussion on a topic? Search or post using #edchat; principals may also use #cpchat.The opportunities are limitless; hence, my comment about the opportunity to be overwhelmed.

Check out Twitter and use it to enhance your professional development and your professional connections.





Thanks to Melissa Matarazzo for sharing how she uses Twitter. You can follow Melissa on Twitter @Lrngldr.

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