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We must remember that every parent wants the best for their child, that parents are sending us ‘their best’ and what they value most, and that parents expect us to help their child be successful. This underscores the importance for us as the teacher to take the first step to invite and welcome parents to know us and to work with us to help their child find success. Education is all about relationships and as teachers must always extend our hand for the relationship to begin. To this end, Wong and Wong (2009) suggest teachers make contact with parents even before the school year begins.

In our initial communication with parents we may use AIDET® to help us use key words at key times as we take the first step to invite and welcome parents to know us and to work with us to help their child find success.  Dr. Robin Largue, retired principal and district leader describes how and why AIDET® is useful in this initial conversation:

AIDET® is a strategy used to inform people of the type and level of service that they will receive. As a teacher you provide a very personal service to parents and to students. A personal service business asks clients to trust them with something or someone they cherish. Do you as a teacher ask parents to trust you with their child? The child is most valued by the parent or caregiver. Think about why a parent might be apprehensive at the beginning of the school year. The teacher is an unknown—unless there is a reputation communicated by other parents. It becomes our responsibility as teachers to calm parents’ fears and provide information that will reduce their anxiety…

Below is a sample AIDET® that might be used by a teacher calling all parents before the first day of school. An AIDET® can be an oral introduction, an email introduction or a note.


Our goal as teachers is to have open lines of communication with parents and caregivers. Remember, it is important to make contact with parents even before the school year begins. Use AIDET® to help you begin the conversation with parents.





Thanks to Dr. Robin Largue for contributing to today’s post about effective communication with parents using AIDET®. Dr. Largue has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Florida State University and is Lead Consultant at Studer Education. Her professional experiences include high school principal, Director of Secondary Education, and Coordinator of Educational Leadership for University of West Florida. View Dr. Largue’s Complete Bio and email her at robin.largue@studereducation.com.

Wong, H.K., and Wong, R.T. 2009. The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher. Mountain View, CA: Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc.

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