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In the video clip below Dr. Nancy McGinley, Superintendent of Charleston County School District in South Carolina, shares why Evidence-Based Leadership “makes sense” in her district.

Bottom line? The superintendent sees Evidence-Based Leadership as helping the district, its leaders, teachers, and students get better at what they do. Results are evidenced in the district’s state report card and student achievement measures.

EBL Makes Sense (Charleston)EBL Makes Sense 2 (Charleston)

In Charleston County “All Means All” in achieving excellence. Dr. McGinley and her colleagues set the stage for achieving excellence with a vision and used Evidence-Based Leadership to execute that vision to ensure that results are achieved from year to year to year.



Learn more about executing a vision for achieving excellence from Dr. Nancy McGinley, Superintendent of Charleston County School District, and her colleagues when they discuss “District Support Services to Schools – Diagnosing, Acting, and Validating, at What’s Right in Education 2013. Learn from them and connect with other high performing educational leaders, and discuss how to set board and superintendent measures and cascade those across all levels of leadership in the district; identify what “right” looks like in service excellence; and become part of a district leadership collaborative.

Dr. Nancy McGinley is Superintendent of Charleston County School District. The video clip is from What’s Right in Education 2012. See other videos from last year’s event here. For more information or to register for the 2013 event in Atlanta (October 21-23) visit http://studereducation.com/wrie2013.

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