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When district leaders implement and execute Evidence-Based Leadership in their districts they engage in a process to guarantee leadership excellence, improved customer relations, and positive organizational outcomes. Evidence-Based Leadership is about what Quint Studer (2009) defines as the three A’s:

Alignment: Aligned and measurable goals cascade up and down the school district.

Accountability: Aligned goals are a part of measurable leader evaluations that cascade up and down the school district.

Action: Aligned actions or tactics are consistently implemented by leaders to achieve very specific, measurable goals.

In the video below Charleston County School District’s Board of Trustee Chair, Mr. Chris Fraser, shares how an Evidence-Based Leadership model brought in commitment from stakeholders to educate children from cradle to career.


How did Charleston County School District build committed relationships and “balance” among stakeholders? (a) The school board and superintendent engaged in a highly structured and focused effort to achieve challenging student achievement goals by 2016. (b) They invited stakeholder input prior to finalizing their goals and their plan. (c) Once the goals were established and Vision 2016 launched, (d) the board chair and superintendent implemented an Evidence-Based Leadership framework as a way to align leader performance to clearly defined goals and measures in student achievement, employee engagement, parent satisfaction, and finance.




Studer, Quint. (2009). Straight A Leadership. Gulf Breeze, FL: Fire Starter Publishing.

Learn more about Evidence-Based Leadership from district and school board leaders at What’s Right in Education 2013. Learn and connect with high performing educational leaders, and discuss how to set board and superintendent measures and cascade those across all levels of leadership in the district; identify what “right” looks like in service excellence; and become part of a district leadership collaborative.

Mr. Chris Fraser is Board of Trustee Chair for the Charleston County School District (SC). The video clip is from What’s Right in Education 2012. See other videos from last year’s event here. For more information or to register for the 2013 event in Atlanta (October 21-23) visit http://studereducation.com/wrie2013.

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