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Our title is a spin on Florida Agriculture‘s article “Make Your Business Social” (Ficek, August/September 2013). The message to educators is the same: Social media “has grown into a powerhouse…” and is something teachers can use to engage students, principals can use to engage parents, and district leaders can use to engage community stakeholders.

Transfer social engagement ideas to education:

Use Twitter to ask parents, “What can I do to help make your student successful?” [adapted from @CC_Chapman]

Use Twitter to ask stakeholders, “What skills are important to your business?”

Use Facebook to recognize teacher accomplishments, school events, and student/team successes, for example, encourage “It’s Way to go Wednesday” [adapted from @AdriandParker].

Use Facebook to involve parents, “What’s going well at your child’s school?”

Use Instagram and invite parents and students to, “Share pictures of the technologies you used/use in school.”

Use Instagram and invite students to, “Share pictures and video from school sponsored events.”

Use Pinterest to encourage dialogue around your classroom, school, or school district. Ask parents and stakeholders, “Share ways to reward and recognize others by creating a pinboard and pinning your favorite bulletin boards using the hashtag [#rewardrecognize] on each pin.”

So, what’s the point? “Great content involves an emotional connection,” says Sarah Evans (@Prsarahevans) such that you want folks to “share, care, or swear.” Social media is an avenue for creating an emotional connection between students and classrooms, parents and schools, and community stakeholders and school districts. Make your classroom, school, and district social!




Ficek, Mark. (August/September 2013). Make Your Business Social, Florida Agriculture, p. 12.

@CC_Chapman co-founded The Advance Guard, a marketing agency, which was acquired by Campfire. C.C. is a freelance consultant looking for the next great challenge. Obtained from his website CC-Chapman.com.

@AdriandParker is the global head of social, mobile & emerging media at Intuit. Connect with Adrian socially via his website AdrianParker.com.

@Prsarahevans identifies herself on Twitter as, “Digital correspondent. Producer/writer/editor. Strategist. FAVES + CO (@favesco). Birthed Twitter industry chats. #journchat.”

Cites to @CC_Chapman, @AdriandParker, and @Prsarahevans from their individual presentations at Social Fresh West 2013 (#SocialFresh). Find social media insights for free at SocialFresh.com.

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