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We asked you to identify the top three websites that your students visit when they are online (here).  We asked parents the same question. Teachers and parents “top 5 sites” visited by students/child were similar, with four of the five sites mentioned most by both groups (difference was iTunes and CoolMath). Today’s post highlights parent responses.


Parents report that 93.2 percent of websites visited by their child were social media sites, educational games or resources sites, or search engine sites.

The majority of sites (37.5%) mentioned by parents were social media sites, including 3 of the top 5 above, as well as mentions of Pinterest, Reddit, and Vine.

The majority of game sites, while also interactive and social, provide online learning opportunities for students. This means when coupled with the “Educational Resource” sites (e.g., Edmodo, Think Central, School Soft, “Language Sites”) and “News” sites mentioned parents recognize that their child’s top sites engage them in learning (40.5%).

Search sites (e.g., Google, Google Scholar, Wikipedia, Bing) were also mentioned by parents as top visited sites (15.2%).

If we think about these results, we see that when students spend time online they are visiting sites (most) where they are engaged. They visit sites where they feel, say, do, and/or think, and as a result trust the site and revisit it. As educators, our focus to improve student learning must be the same; that is, we must create learning environments where students want to learn and gain confidence as they experience success.




WRIE Blog. September 3, 2013. Do you know the #websites your students visit? Available online here.

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