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Some schools celebrate student successes with “Way to Go Wednesday”! How do you reward and recognize students, and celebrate student successes? Here are some ways we’ve seen in schools we work with:

Post-Its Reward+Recognition3 WOW Card (1)

The Positive Post-Its wall is from a school in Oklahoma City (OK), while the Bucket-Filler bulletin board and Wow Cards are from elementary schools in Escambia County (FL) and Jackson County (MI) respectively. How do you celebrate student successes if you’re a teacher or leader? We use WOW Cards to celebrate the contributions of leaders and teachers we work with.

WOW Card

Don’t have a theme? No problem. A handwritten “thank you” card speaks volumes. Or, look at what others are doing and extend their idea. Here’s one from our company sent to us on Friday, “Studer Group is Brighter Because of You!” What a perfect slogan to add to any classroom bulletin board with a pair of sunglasses representing each student and his/her contribution.

Bottom line? Reward and recognition is a feedback process; for teachers, a quality feedback process is as much about students reflecting on information as it is about students receiving it. As teachers and educational leaders we must create ways to recognition high performance. Recognition can be applied by the leader, by the teacher, by student peers.





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