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What is the value you place on being the best leader to improve your schools? Dr. JoAnn Sternke, Superintendent of Pewaukee School District, shared her district’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement at What’s Right in Education 2013:

Mission-driven & People-centered
Data-driven & Results-oriented
Hungry to Achieve Quality and Systematic in its Pursuit
Passionate about Improving our Processes to Achieve that Quality

In a presentation that paired Dr. Sternke with Mr. Dean Baldhus, Executive Director of the Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence, attendees saw how school districts can use Baldrige criteria as a framework to help create a culture of continuous improvement and quality. Below are select slides from the presenters:

KYCPE Slide1 KYCPE Slide2

KYCPE Slide3

This final slide from Mr. Baldhus (above) resonated with many of the participants, who noted that in their districts there could be many different programs doing great things, but focusing on different operational goals or outcomes (e.g., step 1 in the slide). Specifically, there is a need to align and integrate approaches (e.g., step 4 in the slide).


Attendee takeaways from the presentation include:

Strive for Continued Improvement

Involve Executive Team in the Planning Process

Build System with Routine Checkpoints/Monitoring

Criteria for Human Resources: Hire, Retain, Engage, Develop

Acting on Feedback to Move toward Improvement

Episodic v. Continuous Disruption

The work of the Pewaukee School District and the Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence, and our district partners make a difference in the lives of those who work in school districts, it students and families, and the community. Check out more takeaways from the #WRIE Twitter feed and continue the conversation on Twitter using the #WRIE or #EBLK12 hashtag.




What’s Right in Education 2013 was an opportunity for educational leaders to connect with other high performing educational leaders, and discuss how to set board and superintendent measures and cascade those across all levels of leadership in the district; identify what “right” looks like in service excellence; and become part of a district leadership collaborative.

Creating a Culture of Excellence. Dr. JoAnn Sternke, Superintendent of Pewaukee School District, led the school district to receive a top state award, the Wisconsin Forward Award. All schools in the district have an “excellence” distinction. Dr. Sternke shares the continuous improvement process that set the stage for Baldrige recognition. Dean Bondhus is the Executive Director of the Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence. Dean shares some critical points for school districts to consider as leaders create a continuous improvement system worthy of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recognition.

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