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With over 350 volunteer hours this year, my colleague Katie Tener is one of the leaders in community service volunteer hours among Studer Group employees. She recently spearheaded a blanket drive for the Chipley Animal Shelter; it was a huge success! This is her email to colleagues recognizing their support of the initiative:

We delivered over 200 blankets, sheets, towels, and dog beds on Saturday to the shelter – the SUV was packed from floor to ceiling. Thank you! On Saturday morning the shelter temperature registered at freezing – the bedding we donate means the difference in life and death in such temperatures – so, perfect timing for our donations! The shelter manager could not express enough gratitude for our donation.

Car Load Doxies 102613Cart Load

Attached are pictures from Saturday. In addition to all of the bedding donations, we delivered two Doxies to the All American Dachshund Rescue – they are now in foster care in Panama City! While we were at the shelter, my rescue team and I also saved two pups from being euthanized by welcoming them to our rescue home. We named the dogs Amber and Kindle – as Studer Group reminds us to be a Fire Starter and keep the fire going.

Amber 102613   Kindle 10261

October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month and we made it into Blanket a Sheltered Pet Month with your help. I am humbled by the outpouring of support by the SG team to help sheltered dogs.

So, why does this story of outreach and support make the What’s Right in Education blog? Katie’s significant and life-changing volunteer work – only one example presented in this post – represents an opportunity for her to connect and engage others in the success of her work. Below is one example of how it transfers to our classrooms:

Connect and Engage Students. In the initial lesson with our TeacherReady® aspiring teachers we ask them, “What’s your what?,” meaning what do they need as a teacher that will help reduce their anxiety. We also ask them to identify a student’s ‘what’ and a parent’s ‘what.’ We do this to help the aspiring teachers refocus their thinking for the purpose of engaging students and others in a meaningful classroom learning environment. That is, the focus shifts to students and how to engage and connect best with them from their perspective.

What happens when we connect and engage with students in this way? We begin to take responsibility when students fail to learn; this means that if we leave school knowing many of our students did not learn as we expected, then we determine that we did not teach very well that day. In addition, students begin to take responsibility (ownership) for their learning. When students are owners they possess a deep sense of pride in their work, exercise reflective practices to constantly improve their performance, and feel proud of their accomplishment. When students are owners in the classroom they continue to engage in work to accomplish the learning goals; they are the “Fire Starters.”




Ms. Katie Tener is Business Manager at Studer Education, the education division of Studer Group. Contact Katie directly about her volunteer work with Rescued Rescuers by email at Katie.Tener@StuderEducation.com.

What can you do? Become a foster parent to a furry friend, volunteer, adopt a pet, or support the organization with monetary donations that go straight to care for the pets. To learn more visited Rescued Rescuers online at www.werescuedogs.org or visit its Facebook page.

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