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But… Great teachers make great schools. So what role do great leaders play?  They create the conditions that foster and nourish a school full of great teachers. More from the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) Executive Director Gail Connelly as she congratulated this year’s National Distinguished Principals:

Only a principal can move a school from good to great, simultaneously championing children and uplifting the communities they serve [with] steadfast dedication to educating our nation’s children to their fullest potential.

Among America’s best school leaders is Elberta Elementary School (Baldwin County, Alabama) principal, Hope Zeanah. Ms. Zeanah began her career in education as a teacher before becoming an assistant principal and principal; she has led Elberta Elementary School for the past 14 years. Last week Principal Zeanah was recognized as one of the 2013 National Distinguished Principals.

hzeanahMs. Zeanah believes every student has the desire to learn and that our purpose as educators is to facilitate and enhance that desire for learning by meeting the individual needs of each student. Principal Zeanah believes that in her role as educational leader this means she must ensure an optimal learning environment for students and provide efficient operations and supervision of instructional programs.

Our work with district and school leaders is grounded in three important principles – purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference. These principles reflect Quint Studer’s belief that nurses and doctors enter the healthcare profession because they want to make a difference in the lives of others. We believe the same can be said of teachers and leaders across school districts.

Our belief was echoed in the congratulatory note from one of Ms. Zeanah’s colleagues, Principal Carol Broughton, who shared how Hope has “reached out to serve children, parents, [and the] community in such a genuinely caring manner.” Join What’s Right in congratulating Principal Hope Zeanah as a National Distinguished Principal and recognizing her commitment to making Elberta Elementary School a better place for students to learn, teachers to teach, and for parents to send their children for a great education.




A list of all of the 2013 National Distinguished Principals is available here.

Information for this story was obtained from Baldwin County Public Schools (AL); email correspondence from Carol Broughton, Principal, Fairhope Intermediate School (Baldwin County); and Ms. Zeanah’s TeacherReady® instructor biography here.

Studer, Quint. 2004. Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference. Gulf Breeze, FL: Fire Starter Publishing.

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