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Today’s news release shared three organizations will be honored as 2013 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients and one of the three is from education – Pewaukee School District (WI) – only the seventh public school district to receive the award. The Baldrige Award is, “the nation’s highest Presidential honor for performance excellence through innovation, improvement and visionary leadership” and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker shared this year’s organizations are ones “that are leading innovative practices, dynamic management, sound financial performance, outstanding employee and customer satisfaction, and a solid commitment to excellence and proven results” (News Release).

Quick Facts about and Commitment to Quality in Pewaukee School District from two slides presented by Dr. JoAnn Sternke, Superintendent, during last month’s What’s Right in Education conference.

PSD QuickFacts PSD Quality

Read about Excellence in Pewaukee School District across these areas on the National Institute of Standards and Technology website:

Meeting High Standards for Performance

Satisfied Parents, Involved Students

Strategic Planning Yields Quality Education

Winning Team from Engaged Leaders, Empowered Staff

Top Grades for Fiscal Responsibility

A Valued Member of the Community

Join What’s Right in congratulating Dr. Sternke, her colleagues, and the students and parents in Pewaukee School District for earning the 2013 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Pewaukee School District is performance excellence in education; Pewaukee School District is “what’s right” in education. Thank you for your commitment to “Opening the Door to Each Child’s Future” and for your commitment to “Keep on improving!” (PSD Mission; Sternke tweet).




For more information about Pewaukee School District check out its website at http://pewaukeeschools.schoolfusion.us/. Follow the school district on Twitter at @PewaukeeSD.

Dr. JoAnn Sternke is Superintendent of Pewaukee School District (WI). Prior to earning the 2013 Baldrige Award, Sternke led the school district to receive the state’s highest award, the Wisconsin Forward Award. All schools in the district have an “excellence” distinction. In a presentation last month titled “Creating a Culture of Excellence,” Dr. Sternke shared the continuous improvement process that set the stage for Baldrige recognition. Read our What’s Right post highlighting her presentation here. Follow Dr. Sternke on Twitter at @jsternke.

News Release. November 13, 2013. Three U.S. Organizations Honored with the 2013 Baldrige National Quality Award. Available online here.

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