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Why are you reading a blog titled, “What’s Right in Education”? Are you a teacher? an educational leader? a parent? a business owner? a public servant? The cool thing is that all of us are educators no matter our profession; that is, all of us seek to engage others in something—carpentry, government, gardening, a product, the legal system, chemistry, reading, communicating—where the “something” often represents our passion and the subject of learning when we engage others. What’s our mission, then, when we engage or educate someone about our passion?

I just finished watching a video where our company President and CEO shared,

We [center] on what’s important to our partners and how well we’re doing relative to that… When we fail, it’s a failure by us in the delivery of what we do.

Prior to this statement, he shares the importance of being partner-centric in every decision that each employee makes; focusing on the ‘what’ of the partner; and developing a relationship with each partner. If I translate the CEO’s statements to what it means for me as an educator, then I realize my mission is to:

make sure students know I care about them;

help them learn (more) complex tasks and become engaged learners; and

improve their performance.

In Who’s Engaged? Climb the Learning Ladder to See, my colleague Dr. Janet Pilcher writes that “Teaching is a calling — to help children and young people become satisfied with ‘what’ they need to feel successful and do so with friends.” As educators or folks working in K-12 schools, our focus centers on our students and building a relationship with them so that we can support and engage them, and help them improve their performance. That’s what we do as educators; that’s what all of us do when we share our passion with others.




President and CEO comments shared via internal video.

Pilcher, Janet K. 2012. Who’s Engaged? Climb the Learning Ladder to See.

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