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A growing number of states are moving away from the traditional higher education funding model based on FTEs – student enrollment at the beginning of the fall semester – to funding based on performance. This means universities in these state will be funded based on some performance indicator(s), for example, “time to degree” or “transfer rate.” (for more information see http://www.ncsl.org).

One way to drive performance is to align an institution’s strategic plan to core metrics and tools used for evaluating leader performance; this drives accountability. In our work with partners, we coach continuous improvement using the Evidence-Based Leadership framework to focus on accountability, alignment, and action across four areas:

– Student Engagement and Achievement
– Support Service
– Employee Engagement
– Finance/Quality Indicators

The areas align to either internal or external services provided by the education institution and measures align to create service excellence and improve performance. For example, a Support Services survey provides a measure of performance satisfaction with organizational departments across five constructs as determined by internal leaders. Once construct might be “accuracy,” and a department chair might evaluate whether s/he “received the right service or some variation was communicated” after submitting a request to facilities or information technology.

Continuous improvement begins with goal alignment. To drive performance leaders must use the metrics to improve employee performance and maximize human capital.



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