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“He excelled when I set expectations for him…” This was a comment from one of my health care coaching colleagues earlier this week when describing a student she was assisting during a long-term volunteer experience. One common action among school leaders, teachers, and students to improve student achievement is to use student learning data to focus instructional planning and direct instruction.

In the video clip below, Dr. Janet Pilcher uses Hattie’s research to describe the two things teachers must always do (with the data) in order to improve achievement.

In Who’s Engaged? Climb the Learning Ladder to See, using data to focus instructional planning grounds the alignment of learning targets, learning tasks, and assessment/feedback in the student engagement framework. The use of learning targets outline the expectations for the student; tasks and feedback strategies allow for two-way communication between the teacher and learner.





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Video clip of Dr. Janet Pilcher, Senior Leader of Education at Studer Group from What’s Right in Education 2012. The annual What’s Right conference is an opportunity for educational leaders to connect with other high performing educational leaders, and discuss how to set board and superintendent measures and cascade those across all levels of leadership in the district; identify what “right” looks like in service excellence; and become part of a district leadership collaborative. For more information about What’s Right and other leadership conference opportunities visit http://eblk12.com.

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