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Annual attendance at the Council of College and Military Educators (CCME) symposium is one example of TeacherReady‘s focus to engage leaders in the field of military education and to remain on the leading edge of alternative professional teaching certification as an option for military personnel. TeacherReady is state approved, is the University of West Florida’s Educator Preparation Institute, and is a member of UWF’s NCATE accredited professional education unit. This means upon completion of TeacherReady an individual earns a professional teaching certificate from the State of Florida.

Since 2005-2006, TeacherReady staff have worked with 745 aspiring teachers to become certified educators. Currently, nearly 500 TeacherReady teacher candidates are affiliated with the military as either active duty, a military spouse, or retired military personnel. TeacherReady staff understand the special challenges of coordinating military education; here’s a quote from an active duty Service Member and TeacherReady teacher candidate:

TeacherReady folks know service. Nothing fazes them: not last minute applications; not unexpected military mobilizations that impact student’s program completion schedule; and not transfers thousands of miles away. TeacherReady stays student-focused and flexible, all while it solidly prepares students to teach and to pass the certification exams… I left the program with professional certification and the informed confidence needed to begin teaching.

In addition to exhibiting at the CCME annual symposium in Savannah from February 10-13, TeacherReady also communicates with representatives from Troops to Teachers and Veterans Affairs; MyCCA and the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. These organizations provide teaching assistance for service members affiliated with their branch of service. CCME’s symposium theme this year is Crossroads in Military Education and TeacherReady will be at the “crossroads” to salute the service commitment of military men and women and their family members, and to provide an opportunity for a career transition to the teaching profession – and a quality, state approved, teacher certification program to get there.



The TeacherReady home office is located on the Florida Gulf Coast in Pensacola, Florida, home of Naval Air Station Pensacola, the Blue Angels, and the National Naval Aviation Museum. NAS Pensacola was the first Naval Air Station commissioned by the U.S. Navy and is known as “The Cradle of Naval Aviation.” Visit the TeacherReady website or connect on Facebook for more information.

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