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Davis Guggenheim is an Academy Award-winning director. Teach is a documentary about four teachers and is directed by Guggenheim. In a clip from “behind the scenes of Teach” Guggenheim introduces the teachers that are portrayed in the documentary; he calls them “amazing people” and “heroes.” Check out the documentary’s trailer below:


So, what does it take to be a great teacher today? One might suggest that the teachers portrayed in Teach provide some insight:

Share Your Love for Learning: The best teachers are the teachers who are always learners. (Lindsay Chinn)

Engage in Effective Planning and Preparation: [Students’] well-being and their future really depend on how well I prepare them for the next level. (Matt Johnson)

Focus on Continuous Improvement: In terms of the ideal teacher, I don’t know if I’ll ever get there 100%, but I’m just going to keep on going for it. (Joel Laguna)

Today when I stumbled upon the clips about the Teach documentary I was reminded of why I chose to be an educator nearly 25 years ago… to teach, to inspire, to make a difference. One of the clips, “Light a spark. Teach!” challenges viewers to consider a career in teaching because it can “change your life.” The clip reinforces that teachers have purpose, do worthwhile work, and make a difference in the lives of students… and great teachers help students learn that they have purpose, can do worthwhile work, and make a difference in the lives of others and the world we live in.





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